Moxie has been made by the Catawissa Bottling Company since 1945. Moxie the oldest soda in America originated in Lowell, MA under the patent of Dr. Augustin Thompson. He originally invented this elixir in 1876 as a Nerve Food and later became a Moxie Nerve Food Tonic in 1884. Moxie is presently owned by the Monarch Bottling Company of Atlanta, Ga. Catawissa is one of the six bottlers in the United States producing Moxie.

Catawissa Bottling Company offers more size and packages of Moxie than any other bottler. They have shipped Moxie around the world. The following sizes and packages are available

07 oz Returnable Glass Bottle
12 oz Aluminum Cans (Regular & Diet)
12 oz Non-returnable Glass Bottle
20 oz Non-returnable Plastic Bottle
32 oz Returnable Glass Bottle
1 Liter Non Returnable Plastic Bottle

Pricing available upon request

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